Two Police Cars Do An Awesome Intersection Jump!

Seeing cars perform some amazing jumps is fairly common when you watch a movie or go to a show and see the stuntman do a great job. But we are looking for the real deal, the real fun that you can feel even though you are not behind the steering wheel. These situations are fairly uncommon to happen in real life but when they do, they surely super exciting. Hereby we take a look at this awesome video in which two police cars unintentionally perform an amazing intersection jump. So what is actually happening, how could they unintentionally perform such glorious jump? Well, two police cars received a duty call were supposed to immediately arrive at the spot.

So when this man heard the sirens, he took his phone out and began filming, as if he knew what was about to happen. The first police car approached much slower at the intersection hence there was a Burgundy minivan on the street, but it was still going fast enough to perform a decent jump. Now it was time for the second car. The man who was filming noticed that another person who was riding a bike and about to cross the street, so he warned and yelled at him.

The second police car was driving at a very high speed and due to the bump on the road; it launched itself in the air thus making this awesome intersection jump. Despite the hard land, both of the cars were just fine and they continued driving towards the spot!





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