The lion in the snow! Test: Peugeot 3008 Active 1.6 BlueHDi 120

3008, the first generation was introduced in 2008, and the market made its debut in 2009. The second generation model introduced last year, with very visible design shift.

Specifically, while the first generation of its design more reminiscent of the minivan, the second generation is inclined very popular compact SUV segment.


The design statement is clear, with a cheerful and attractive lines, and emotional removal of convex and concave surfaces.

The front is dominated by wide, vertically mounted kidney grille, with a centrally placed logo – a lion. The upper part is wide, according to the lower part of the narrows, and continues almost imperceptible grille below the front bumper, which is visually very effective, because it creates a luxurious impression. Line of masks, accompanied by light batteries with prominent elemnti LED daytime running lights. The hood is high, long and almost horizontally placed, and interesting profiled removal of convex and concave surfaces. Sideline body is raised, a logical continuation pokloca engine and ends at the rear of making the profile of the trunk lid, with a prominent rear light batteries in the form of a lion’s claws.

That raised line emphasizes much ground clearance, and makes room for the broad protective coverings on all sides. In this way, come to the fore in particular, thresholds, wide wheel arches and large wheels.


It should be noted that such coverings particularly practical when you are in poor driving conditions and when do you expect that the vehicle will be wrapped in tape mud and dirty snow. The conditions in which we tested the vehicle, just confirm that the width of the protective coating is not excessive.

The interior is mainly modern, but comfortable, spacious, transparent and offers everything you would require an average family on a long tour. The driver’s seat is well positioned and Peugeot posture with a small wheel, almost hexagonal shape and-cockpit, which is visible through the steering wheel, which some would leave you indifferent. Specifically, this innovative concept, where dashboard watching over, not through the steering wheel, shaking up the established form and it’s really refreshing. Display and-cockpit has a large selection of display and possible personalization, which will be particularly appealing to younger users, while the older satisfy numeric data, or displaying navigation.

Central position occupied by large tactile display, below which is a set of functional keys, as well as on the piano with which you can quickly select the graphic display. In fact, the driver, when seated in the seat, you notice that all controls are so visible and at your fingertips, so that after a short acclimatization quickly and easily deal with any situation. While the front seats profiled and well-run body, the rear bench is almost completely flat, and the advantage becomes apparent when it should sit three people. Rear passengers will have enough space for the legs and head, but will feel comfortable and after a long journey.

As expected, the trunk is really spacious and gives the impression that the factory data of 520 l capacity sounds like a bit of fun, because the volume is higher than that.


The term test coincided with a truly adverse weather conditions, but the snow and low temperatures were a regular companion on journeys. Such conditions will reveal a lot about the vehicle, and of his abilities.

Engine displacement 1560 cc, 120 bhp proved to be quite sufficient to initiate, fortunately, plenty of light vehicles. Surely that we wanted more power, although acceleration from 0 to 100 km / h, on paper does not look impressive. However, our test Leo was just too fast and strong in almost all driving conditions. If you just ask objection, and what is missing, the all-wheel drive, which this model there is no extra charge. However, we are confident that the lack of notice only a few family members, as they will, as such, certainly avoid extreme situations.


As for driving on paved surfaces, 3008 is hard to find fault with. Comfort, stability and security are adjectives that can describe the ride in it. Although there are plenty of great ground clearance and high contour, the vehicle is not tilted excessively during cornering, which gives passengers a sense of security. The feeling on the steering wheel nu is also very good, because the servo control mechanism is out of adjustment, and it allows the driver to drive without load and fatigue. Although seemingly small, fuel tank volume of 50 l was quite sufficient and provides exemplary autonomy. During tests in really adverse conditions, the untreated, winding mountain roads, as well as in the city, on average, we consume 6.8 l / 100 km. This information is very good, because we are convinced that, in favorable weather conditions and driving, mostly on the open road, this figure much closer to factory data, or to make a careful driver in real driving conditions could translate 100 km with about 5 l fuel. To become owner of this Peugeot or vehicles as on the test, it is necessary to allocate according to the price list, 50,924 KM, however, the price of the test vehicle is favorable 47,989.60 KM. Of course, it should be noted that the price of the basic model amounted to 44.810 KM. In other words, before purchasing it is advisable to thoroughly inform you about prices and possible actions. Since the owners of the Peugeot 3008 will be able to enjoy the ride and its capabilities, regardless of whether they went to work, a trip or a long trip. It will be especially happy family users, for a good deal of space and a high level of comfort. Happy to be members of the younger generation who are modern design and great possibilities of individualization of great importance and crucial factor when deciding to buy.

Standard equipment:

6x airbag (front and side airbags / side airbags zavjesasti in 1st and 2nd row)
ESP stability control system of the vehicle
ASR – anti-traction
CDS – system to control vehicle stability
Indirect system for tire pressure monitoring
Electric parking brake with a system to help with hill starts
Halogen headlights with LED daytime running lights
Warning for exceeding the time of driving without stopping
Character recognition speed limits and recommendations speed
Cruise control / speed limiter
17 ” steel wheels with wheel covers “Miami”
Tire Repair Kit
Exterior mirrors and door handles in body color
Chrome front grille of the vehicle
Padding above the door in the roof of stainless steel
leather steering wheel
NEW Peugeot and-Cockpit® with the dashboard in the amount of views over the steering wheel
Manual air conditioning with vents in the rear seats
Electric opening front and rear with sequential shifting
A floor adjustable in two heights
Electric and heated exterior mirrors
Central locking with remote control
Lining the interior of the fabric “Meco”
ISOFIX for three child seats
Folding bench seat 1 / 3-2 / 3 ( “Magic Land”)
Armrest and ski hatch at the rear
The armrest between the front seats with illuminated and cooled
Illuminated front passenger compartment
Windshield wipers with washing system “Magic Wash”
Driver’s seat with height adjustment
3 sockets 12 V (in the area with connections to the back of the console and in the boot)
4 speakers + 2 tweeters
front fog lights
The system alarm Accidental crossing lane
Rear Parking Sensors
17 ” alloy wheels ” Chicago ”
Tire Repair Kit
The chrome inserts on the front bezel
LED indoor lighting – LED overhead lighting front and rear with 2 reading lights – LED lighting in the trunk – lighting legroom – LED illumination of the central compartment
Visibility package:
– Automatic ignition daytime running lights
– Automatic wipers with rain sensor
– Access to vehicle lighting
– Internal photosensitive rearview mirror
Electric sequential adjustable front and rear windows
Automatic dual-zone air conditioning
The front passenger seat with height adjustment
Touch screen 8 “with external keys for quick access
Radio with dual tuner RCC (USB, MP3, Bluetooth)

Optional equipment:
HU13 – electrically folding exterior mirrors
KK02 – Profiled aluminum longitudinal roof luggage carriers
VD09 – Dark tinted rear side windows and the door glass
WABB – manually adjustable driver’s seat, “AGR”:
– Electrically adjustable seat tilt and support in the lumbar (4-way)
– Mechanical length adjustable seats
WY16 – front parking sensors
HBD – 17 “alloy wheels” Chicago “+ spare wheel smaller dimensions
ZV09 – Package “Security”
0MM0 -Metalik color






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