Test: Ford Focus ST 2.0 TDI – childhood dream

Focus is one of the most popular and best-selling models of the manufacturer, which for many years reluctant to tough competition in the “C” segment.

However, the code ST refers to the fact that we are not talking about an ordinary car what we see every day, but the product that is the work of Ford’s Sports Technologies department. In other words, we are talking about a real sports car, rather than a radical such as the Focus RS, but enough sport to get to see, hear and feel with every kilometer.

The design is clearly relying on well-known focus, however, is viewed from the front is not significantly different, except for the black saćastoj grille, slightly steepens the hood, but the back of a large, unique roof ST spoiler and centrally mounted pipes of the exhaust system, embedded in the rear apron, indicate the differences. Of course, the ground clearance is slightly smaller, slightly larger wheels, tires wider, different bumpers and door sill covers …

All this somehow shyly says that after the development of the common Focus, the vehicle is given to the further development of those skilled in the aforementioned departments Sports Technologies, which replaced the rough road tests Nürburgring. This is a group of dreamers, that their ideas are translated into a car and do the job the way it should. Every detail is important, but the most important thing is one, and these are the following two: Prepare the engine, suspension, transmission, brakes and aerodynamic elements that allow the engine to make better their potential transfer to the substrate, ensure the vehicle is lying in all driving conditions (especially in corners), all packed into a pleasing whole, make it safe, and all this in an unobtrusive way. (If you have not counted well, do not blame, because these lines writes also Dreamer)

Thus was created the Focus ST, which is now being offered with a diesel (Duratorq) motorm with known gasoline EcoBoost with 250 hp. So diesel, but with 185 hp and 400 Nm of torque, this 35 hp more than in the production version, the work of the above-mentioned ST dreamers.

A quick look reveals that it is a well-folded sheet metal and additional aerodynamic elements prišvrćeni so you will not otpasi the first corner or sharper braking.

Inside, we welcome the front, leather rimmed, deep and sporty Recaro seats and molded cockpit, somewhat archaic, without a central monitor. But at the top of the center console, rotated towards the driver, in the old school style are indicators of pressure and oil temperature and turbo pressure. This amendment is not new, but a throwback, such instruments were sports and racing cars for many years before he created the modern electronics, even before the transistor. They allowed the drivers to be the central processor and all conceivable assistance systems. Do not forget, under the aforementioned three instruments, in centrlanu console locked the radio receiver with CD-player, and controls on the steering wheel, which during the test drive was muted to the maximum.

Comfortable and deep seat tightly cover the body and when you bind belt, no baton! Pressing the Start button ads are powerful Duratorq, pungent, firmly, decisively and while the cold, a little rough, making it clear that burns oil.

To paraphrase the poet: “The first clutch, second, third, Ford’s transmission powers …” I really did. The gear lever is short and precise, and the gears perfectly aligned with the parameters of the engine. Let us add to the feeling of the steering wheel excellent that the suspension system is set hard, almost like a race, and the brakes do not leave a dilemma – whether or not to stop the vehicle. Here ABS does not mean: God willing Stane.

Driving through the city, from traffic light to traffic light – we ask ourselves: what do these people do? Why move before the light turns green light was on, they know that it’s called jump start, and it’s on the track punishable? When more go, why they move so hesitant? Basically, at every traffic light Focus ST all, unceremoniously and shame reveals its exhaust pipe.

Out on the highway. Gently, without nervousness and pressure up to 200 km / h, there is provision for another, to 217 declared safe, and perhaps more, though not risk, the road is Očić of snow, but there are residual ice and stones. With John, 120 km / h in fifth gear, and can be faster, but we are not alone on the road. And this is a deep grain, for driving on winter tires, at a temperature of -3 ° C. With different tires and temperatures (stones and ice), it would be different …

Meanwhile, the engine up to operating temperature and became quiet and smooth, then exhaust system becomes an instrument that produces music. Congratulations engineer who has designed (the dreamer – safe).

Do not forget, the tested model has another pair of doors and rear bench with a split backrest. The rear seat is not uncomfortable and there is enough space. But how much is comfortable with hard-tuned suspension on uneven surfaces? Behind the rear seats, logical – the trunk, with a usable 363 l useful volume, which may be increased to 1,262 liters, that of a normal Focus. Who is not enough, care.




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